The Best Camping Chair for Bad Back: Top 10 Picks

​A ​camping chair is one of the many things that every camper needs, no matter what age group they are. But if you have a bad back, it might be challenging to use an ordinary camping chair. You would need one with lumbar support. We recommend some of these best camping chair for bad backs. And for those with back issues or who want more lumbar support. Take a look at some ​Top 10 camping chairs with lumbar support.

Why is Camping Chairs for Bad Backs required?

​This idea is that a person who suffers from back problems may not sit in normal chairs for extended periods without experiencing pain or discomfort. Camping chairs are designed with a particular fabric and cushion pattern, which helps relieve pressure on the back, spine, and joints. Camping Chairs for Bad Backs helps the individual stay seated comfortably without carrying a heavy and bulky chair around or sitting on an uncomfortable bench.

The most important thing is your comfort when it comes to camping chairs. The best way to avoid bad back pain while camping is by investing in lower-lumbar support, better shocks, and a high-quality chair.

We take a look at the best camping chair for bad back with lumbar support.

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1.KingCamp Camping Chair

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When you’re looking for the best camp chairs that have back support, KingCamp is by far your best option. The design of these chairs comes with a high-quality steel frame which offers excellent stability as well as comfort during long periods of sitting If you suffer from bad back pain​. ​Kingcamp will be perfect for any event or trip​. it supports up to 350 lbs and includes padded lumbar support.

​The KingCamp is built with 600D polyester fabric and metal contact points to distribute your weight evenly. The KingCamp Lumbar Support System is designed to provide luxury and comfort for your lower back. It keeps your lumbar in place while you’re sitting in your chair.

The oversized frame (24x23x41 inches) provides the most comfort by having 600 x 300D oxford fabrics on top of it! It can take up to 35​0 pounds and still feel as if your load isn’t even on it at all.

It also has a shoulder carry bag for easy transport and storage. The large side storage bag allows you to keep your mobile phone and magazines nearby while you relax.

This product also features an insulated cooler bag (3 cans of cokes capacity) that will keep your drinks cold or hot for hours.

With a 1-year warranty​ promise of quality, you’ll be happy with your buy of this ​folding camping chair.


  • ​Comfortable design
  • ​Side pockets and a head storage bag are integrated into the cooler bag.
  • ​The frame is lightweight and of good quality.


  • ​It wouldn’t hurt to have more storage.
  • ​Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair


​The KingCamp is a winner! It’s well-built, well-thought-out, and the legs/support beams are ​more ​effective than the average camps chair. This chair provides superior adjustable back support. If you have back issues, this chair is a perfect choice for its size. I’m 5’8″ tall, and this chair fits me perfectly. My feet hit the ground perfectly when seated in this chair.

2. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

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The Timber Ridge Chair is the ultimate chair for relaxation. This seat is perfect for camping, outdoor lawn use, or lounging around your patio. This chair has a padded seat and backrest, made of easy-to-clean polyester fabric.

Timber is a heavy-duty recliner with a patented locking mechanism that locks the chair in any position. It has an anti-gravity system for maximum comfort. Plus, the steel tube frame is durable and sturdy enough for everyday use. The elastic cord is Made of high quality and can hold up to 350 pounds.

This chair provides a zero-gravity weightless experience that’s perfect for lounging outdoors. It has a fully reclined length of 72 inches, so you will never feel cramped in this chair. It is made with padded support and a removable headrest pillow.

This camping lounge chair is perfect for use outside on your lawn or balcony. But it also works well inside as an alternative to a couch.

The chair is designed to need minimal space in your home. It can be folded and unfolded in seconds, making it easy for you to transport and easy to store when not being used.


  • ​Adjustable recline Ergonomic design
  • ​The seating is fully cushioned.
  • ​The pillow that can be adjusted and removed
  • ​Construction is sturdy.
  • ​No assembly is required for this efficient locking system.


  • ​large and heavy duty even when folded up.


​This chair is very comfortable, but it cannot be easy to get the front legs inside-out when folding once you learn how. It’s not a problem at all. ​

3. STRONGBACK 2.0 Elite Camping Chair

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The STRONGBACK is a revolution in camping chair design. It has a patented, ergonomic design that provides lumbar and lowers back support making it the most comfortable camps chair on the market. The curved armrests offer an optimal arm position. That relieves stress on the shoulder joints and elbows. The oversized seat pad has a deep seating area to provide comfort and support for larger people or those who like to lounge while camping.

Sitting for too long can cause something called spinal disc compression. This type of pressure is unhealthy and puts a lot of stress on the body, leading to back issues and pain. The Strongback chair promotes good back health with its ergonomic design that reduces pain while sitting. The slouching forward position on traditional chairs is the most damaging position for your back. But the Strongback 2.0 chair is engineered .so that slouching will never happen. With a wide, deep seat, you can sit comfortably upright or recline with your feet up. Either way, you’ll maintain a healthy posture.

STRONGBACK Elite is the perfect chair for all your outdoor adventures, whether you’re camping, traveling, going to a picnic or beach trip, or watching your favorite team at a sporting event. The chair can support up to 300 pounds and is made from heavy-duty 600D Polyester fabric.


  • ​Lightweight design with a heavy-duty structure
  • ​Folds and stores easily
  • ​Steel framing with a black powder coating
  • ​Armrests with padding and a built-in lumbar cushion
  • ​Hip support is also provided by the ergonomic design.
  • ​A backpack-style carrying case is included.


  • ​It’s possible that it’ll be more expensive than similar things.
  • ​Not appropriate for short height people


​STRONGBACK 2.0 offers convenience and comfort to all people, no matter their height or back or knee issues! This chair comes with a backpack-style carry case with twin shoulder straps for hands-free transport in the backpack style. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

4. Coastrail outdoor camping chair with lumbar

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Our budget picks for anyone looking for the lumbar support camping chair is the Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair. Coastal is perfect for relaxing with friends or family with lumbar back support and a large padded lawn.

It is made with durable 600D oxford polyester fabric that resists stains and is very easy to wash. With a padded seat and steel framing, this chair is durable sufficient to hold up to 400 lbs of weight. The convenient backpack carrying strap makes it easy to transport, and the 12 lb weight makes it perfect for backpacking trips or long hikes.

The padded seat and back are meant to deliver additional support and comfort. The steel structure is stronger, more durable, and more stable. There is a hanging organizer on the arm of your chair with many pockets for organizing things like extra head storage bags. Stuff with a pillow for neck support.


  • Very good Weight capacity.
  • ​Although it is a strong chair, it is also rather lightweight.
  • ​A carry bag is included.
  • ​Storage compartment on the side


  • ​The chairs are really large and heavy.
  • ​It’s really too low at the bottom to be comfortable.


​I found coastrail outdoor camping chair with lumbar support one of the best on this list. First, it’s straightforward to set up-the seat quality is exceptionally high! There’s also a pocket on top of the backrest for your belongings like drinks or food that need ice packs to stay cold.

5. ALPS Mountaineering FoldingChairs

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair, Green
996 Reviews
ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair, Green
  • Made of 600D Polyester fabric, providing you a comfortable sitting experience...
  • Lightweight pro-tech aluminum frame provides strength and stability for a long...
  • Padded curved armrests, extra tall back and cup holder provides you with all the...
  • Detachable back frame specifically designed for compact transporting and storing

Whether you are sitting around the campfire or lounging in your backyard, ALPS Mountaineering will be sure to keep you comfortable and relaxed. The chair’s construction is high quality without being bulky, and its back provides good support for your back. The seat does not sag either. This makes it perfect for people with bad knees or hips. The Alps is one of the best camping chair for bad knees. They are sturdy, comfortable and well-designed to suit your needs at a low cost.

ALPS is the world’s leading brand of quality outdoor gear, and they’re proud to make products that last.

The ALPS Chair is a lightweight chair yet sturdy chair that provides you with the perfect sitting experience for when you’re on your adventures in nature. The 600D Polyester fabric ensures durability and comfort.

This pro-tech aluminum-framed chair is solid and stable, with curved armrests, an additional tall back, and a cup holder. It has everything needed for long-lasting use.

The ALPS Recliner is a reclining chair with a taller back and padded armrests. This recliner comes with an extra-soft, supportive back panel to support your lower spine as you relax. The armrests are also cushioned so you can sit comfortably after a long day at work. Also, this recliner features padded armrests so you can chill at the end of a long day.


  • ​With a metal frame and polyester fabric, it’s well-made.
  • ​A cushioned and high back support
  • ​It’s simple to get in and out of.
  • ​weight capability 425 pounds
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Material made of high-quality polyester


  • ​The armrests aren’t really comfortable.
  • ​The chair is a little hefty due to its heavy-duty build.
  • ​Set up and folding down is not so easy.


​The only negative thing about this chair is that it’s a little heavy and bulky because it’s made of metal. Assembly might be challenging at times. Aside from that, the goods are of excellent quality. The materials used are durable and high-quality and last for years to come without any signs of wear or tear.

6. Timber Ridge Camping Chair

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The Timber Ridge is another high-quality design that’s light and easy to carry. The Timber Chair is a high-quality, padded folding chair with armrests and legs made of polyester.

With only 13.67 pounds in weight, this chair is the ultimate lightweight option. It has an excellent loading capacity of up to 400 lbs. The height can be adjusted to 22 inches by folding the back in half. It’s simple to fold and transport when you’re on the go. Its own carry case, making it simple to store in your car. The chair also has a detachable cup holder for your convenience when you’re enjoying the outdoors.Timber offers a 1-year warranty on all products.

Overall, If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, comfortable chair that will last through years of camping trips, look no further than the Timber Ridge Portable Camping Chair. The steel frame is heavy-duty and durable so that it will hold up to the wear and tear of a long camping session.


  • ​Wide seat and high back support
  • ​Steel frame for long-term use
  • ​Padded armrests with a cup holder that is semi-insulated
  • ​It effortlessly folds and stores.


  • ​Inferior quality and weighty


​A high back means you’ll be able to sit up with ease, and wide feet on the bottom of the chair ensure you won’t ​drop into the ground. This chair is perfect for anyone who has mobility difficulties or finds sitting in a regular folding chair with back support to be uncomfortable.

7. Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

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The Oversized Zero Chair is the next chair on this list. It’s made for plus-size people and those with bad backs, making it a great option if you’re searching for that kind of thing.

Build with outdoor-grade material, and powder-coated frame resists the elements and won’t rust. It’s 31.5 inches wide and 75 inches long, making it 4 inches wider and longer than most zero-gravity chairs. It also uses a thicker steel frame, which ensures a weight capability of up to 400lbs. It is perfect for use outside in the summer or on your patio all year round.

Its features a foot cushion that will protect your ankle from being hit on the metal bars of the chair. It can be adjusted from 0-170° for the most comfortable angle to lounge in. The chair also includes cup holders and headrests to make it more comfortable. So you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Made of mesh fabric and rust-proof steel. This recliner is durable and lightweight so that you won’t feel hot in use. The soft material is more comfortable on the human body. The patio chair is the perfect companion for your outdoor tradition. Whether you want to curl up with a good book, enjoy dinner, or just spend time with friends and family, these chairs are sure to keep you comfortable no matter what!


  • ​It’s large and solid.
  • ​weight capability of up to 400lbs
  • It’s very comfortable and sturdy


  • ​Few buyer notice recline issue


​This is a huge chair that is built to last. As a huge guy, finding decent portable camping gear that can withstand the weight and is durable is always a challenge. The zero gravity chair is quite comfy, and you can dual lock it into any desired recline angle. This chair is comfortable to sit on for several hours.

8. STRONGBACK Guru Folding Camp Chair

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Another STRONGBACK product I like is Guru Camps Chair. This is our eighth option for the best camping chair for a bad back.

STRONGBACK Guru is the only back support for a camping folding chairs on the market with an ergonomically designed backrest. The patented, lumbar supportive design aligns your spine and eases tension throughout your back. The innovative ergonomic shape will keep you comfortable for the whole day with its soft yet durable fabric that keeps heat away from the skin.

The STRONGBACK Guru is a lightweight, portable chair that provides comfort and relaxation. It has a heavy-duty construction to support up to 300 pounds of weight and consists of a spacious seat designed for maximum comfort during relaxation.


  • ​ 300-pound weight capacity
  • ​The chair is quite comfortable!
  • ​The lower back is properly supported.


  • ​It’s too near to the ground and difficult to get out of.


​The Guru Camp Chair also includes a backpack-style carrying bag with dual cupholders.

9. PORTAL Oversized camping chair

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PORTAL is a high-quality, oversized chair that’s perfect for lounging. The mesh back provides increased airflow and cools you off on hot days, making it the perfect chair to take outside.

The recliner is large enough for any person who is 6′ tall and has a max weight of 350lbs. It can be set to any angle between 0 and 170 degrees.

The chairs also have breathable mesh backs that are attached to padded seats, as well as headrests and lumbar assets that can be adjusted. Additionally, there are drink tables and phone storage on the side tables.


  • ​Ideal for tall and prominent people.
  • ​The sliding pillow is a brilliant idea.
  • ​After a rainfall, it dries quickly and folds up easily.


  • ​The lower back hurts in certain poses.


​This no gravity chair is made from environmentally-friendly materials, and it’s easy to assemble, requiring no tools. Its armrests are made of natural wood, so don’t leave them out in the sun or rain!

10.KingCamp cam Chairs

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Our last Pick for anyone looking for a chair with back support problems is the KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chairs. KingCamp is lightweight and portable with a mesh back. The chair features a padded armrest and a cup holder. Perfect for relaxing with friends or family.

KingCamp made of 100% Polyester 600d Oxford. This chair is perfect for those who enjoy sitting up higher on the beach or lounging in the sun without getting sand everywhere. It’s designed with a high back that provides head support. The wide seat offers added comfort.


  • ​It’s light, portable, and quite comfy to sit in.
  • ​Weighs only 7 lbs


  • ​not very durable


​This low-sling chair is perfect for on the go. The low sling design provides a comfortable seat with enough back support. Super lightweight and easy to transport, this chair folds up in seconds.

What to Consider Before Buying a Camping Chair for Someone With a Bad Back?

A camping chair is an important item to bring on a trip into the outdoors. Camp chairs provide a way for you to enjoy the outdoors without sitting directly on uncomfortable surfaces, like rocks or sand. But not all chairs are equal! If you have a bad back, then an ordinary camping chair is not the right thing for you. Good-quality back support for folding chair that suits your needs will better protect it from pain and discomfort.

Check out buying guide for these different best camping chairs for a bad back and see which one best suits your needs.

Here are a few of the most significant facets to look for in the best camping chair for bad back :

The Design of the Chair

​The design of a chair is one of the essential factors to consider while buying one. Some chairs have wide armrests, while others have narrow armrests. If you have a bad back or other physical limitations, wide armrests may be more comfortable for you because they will support your body better. In contrast, if you do not have any physical limitations and are looking for a portable camp chair, narrow armrests may be better for you.

camping chair with lumbar support

Height of back and overall dimensions

If you have a very high back, you will need a chair with higher back support. This can help keep it in alignment when you sit cross-legged, which is often necessary for camping chairs with armrests. It’s also essential to think about the chair’s overall size. If you have bad knees or balance concerns, a larger frame may be more comfortable.

Taller frames are typically what people who have chronic back pain prefer because they reduce the strain on their back muscles by reducing the flexion and extension motions required when getting up. They also require less bending at the waist than shorter frames do, as well as a lower center of gravity, so they’re less likely to tip over. A taller frame may also make it easier to get up from the chair and walk around during the day.

Weight capacity

When choosing a chair for your camping needs, it’s important to consider how much weight the chair can hold. Some chairs may only hold up to 200 pounds, which might be too small for you if you are over 200 pounds. If you’re tall, that weight capacity may not be enough for you either, since taller folks often weigh more than the average person. Opt for a chair with a higher weight limit to ensure you have enough space.

Lumbar Support

If you have a bad back, the camping chair lumbar support is one of the essential features to look for. Look for chairs that offer a high level of lumbar by using materials like memory foam or inflatable cushions.

Material Quality

When looking for the best camping chair for your back, it may be wise to invest in one made of high-quality material. You want a chair that will last and that won’t break down on you when you’re using it outdoors.

Try to find chairs constructed from sturdy materials like aluminum or heavy duty steel. This will ensure the chair is durable, which means it can hold up against all the outdoor elements like rain, wind, and sun.

Additionally, try to find a chair with a frame made of metal instead of thin tubing. A thin frame can lead to problems since it doesn’t tend to be as durable as more robust frames.


The most important thing to look for in portable folding chair with back support is the amount of cushion it provides. The more cushion/padding you have, the less likely your back will be to get sore. We recommend choosing a chair with at least some level of padding that can be adjusted.

Size and Shape

When searching for a camping chair, another thing to consider is the chair’s size and shape. You want to find a chair that provides good support in the area between your shoulder blades and your pelvis. If you have a bad back, you should be looking for someone that provides good lumbar assets. When sitting, your lower back should feel like it is being pulled up straight.

Always buy camping chairs that are a suitable fit for your body type. For instance, if you have an average build and height, the chair’s seat should be 18-19 inches from the ground with a backseat at least 35 inches high.

Your Budget

Finding the right chair is considering your budget. Camping chairs can range in price from $10 to over $100, so it’s important to set a realistic budget and leave room for other items you may need on your camping trip. With a rough idea of how much you want to spend, you can start looking for chairs within that price range.

Chair weight and portability

One important factor to consider when buying a camping chair is how portable it will be. Camping chairs are often carried around, and you need one that can easily fold up without taking too much space. Folding camps chairs typically weigh 10 pounds, but there are other considerations, such as the chair’s weight, especially if you have back problems. Zero gravity offer better comfort, but they aren’t very portable because they’re bulky and heavy duty at 20 pounds or more!

Armrests & Footrests

when you buy a camping chair with back support you need to consider that arrive with armrests and footrests. Those chairs provide comfort while you’re sitting and make you feel relaxed. They are great for older people who have a higher need for comfort or want to be more comfortable.

Cup Holder and Storage Space

A good chair should have at least one drink holder, and it would be helpful if there were also a side pocket for magazines and phones. The type or style of chair will depend on where you will most often be sitting: my priority is comfort, while my mom’s priority is budget-friendly construction. You might prioritize weightiness more than anything else; alternatively, you may care about price more than anything else – all these preferences can coexist in your purchase decision!

Carry Bag

Most fordable camping chairs come with a carry bag. This makes them easy to move and transport. However, not all camps chairs have straps for carrying, resulting in back pain from the weight of the chair being held by one shoulder. It’s best if there are two straps because then it is spread across both shoulders instead of just one, like when using a single strap or no strap at all.

folding chairs with back support


Reasons why you might have back pain?

Sitting for extended times can cause back pain and other unpleasant side effects. The most common is sciatica. And this is one of the reasons why it’s essential to find a chair with excellent back support while you’re camping.

What kind of camping chair is best for back support?

The answer is a camping chair with lumbar support. The essential part of any seating device for outdoor use is proper back support. A rod or pole will not provide adequate relief. That’s why you should invest in an ergonomic seat that offers the best comfort possible with sturdy mesh to uphold your spine when sitting upright. If multiple people need chairs outdoors for their trip, it’s worth investing in a few different types of seats so everyone can find one they like.

How can I know if a chair will properly support my lumbar?

The lumbar backing is an excellent feature for those who experience back pain. Not only does it provide relief from a sore lower back. It even allows you to maintain a suitable posture and avoid slouching to sit correctly.

Some chairs come with integrated lumbar support in the frame. While others come with adjustable pillows. so that they can be positioned where needed most for appropriate spine alignment

What is the purpose of a zero-gravity camping chair?

Zero gravity chairs have been developed for astronauts. They are taking into account their reclined position during space launches. These chairs help reduce the tension placed on an astronaut’s body while in space. Zero gravity chairs give you the sensation of being weightless. The weight is uniformly distributed across all pressure points.

Our Verdict

Our top pick is the KingCamp camping chair which provides the most comfort, with 600 x 300D oxford fabric. It can take up to 350 pounds and still feel as if your load isn’t even on it at all!

The next product we recommend is the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair. It features a padded seat and backrest made of easy-to-clean polyester fabric and a sturdy steel frame that can withstand daily use. To ensure maximum comfort, it has anti-gravity systems in place!

Finally, the STRONGBACK Elite has a patented design that provides lower back support. It’s the most relaxingchair on the market. Th​is chair can support up to 300 pounds and is made from heavy-duty 600D Polyester fabric.