Osprey Exos 58 Review

Suppose you’re looking for a lightweight pack with some durability but don’t know if you want to go frameless. Osprey Exos 58 Backpack is perfect for people who wish to reduce their stuff without trading the frame’s comfort and support. It includes many excellent features that will make your backcountry journey more pleasurable. Osprey Exos 58 is a perfect choice of comfortable shoulder straps and a waist belt. These features make it heavier than most ultralight packs. But lighter than traditional backpacking packs or more minimally designed frame-less models. Aside from its lightweight. Read the Osprey Exos 58 Backpack Review below.

The Osprey Exos 58 is an excellent option since it is one of the lightest options in our evaluation. Although it is far lighter than many regular camping packs, it is starting to approach the weight of specific frameless backpacks. Despite its low weight, it stands out from the crowd because of its unique features and a surprising level of support. 

In the market for a super-lightweight. But not a frameless backpack. The Osprey Exos happens to be one of the finest options currently on the market. This dress is supported by a frame, features comfortable shoulder straps and a pretty sturdy waist belt. Because of these traits, it is somewhat heavier than a frameless ultra-light pack. But it is far lighter than most ordinary hiking packs and more comfortable than more frameless packs. This model, apart from its low weight, is simple. But it contains a lot of useful features. That will make your backcountry trip more enjoyable in the long term.

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There is a difference when it comes to how well each performs.

But, the weight and qualities of this pack allow it to compete among heavyweights as a semi-ultra-light semi-ultra-lightweight.


Backpack Frame and Suspension

Despite being lightweight and slim, the Exos 58 offers impressive comfort for its size. It is usually lighter with less support and comfort than others on our list. As per the Osprey Exos 58 Review in the Exos 58 waist belt, the inside of the material is soft and comfy. Though some were skeptical at first, the shoulder straps proved to be relatively comfortable. Especially when just a few layers of clothing were below. Padding is essential in the area of the shoulder strap. That crosses over and in front of the shoulders since here is where the majority of the bag’s weight will be carried in the center of the lightweight frameless backpacking and the regular backpacking worlds. This challenger is a new player. Most hikers will find it far more comfortable to carry 30-40 pounds loads than a similar but frameless model.

osprey exos 58 backpack review


Osprey is the market leader in ventilation, and Exos is no exception. With a mesh-coated trampoline-style back panel and adequate room between the pack and your body. This backpack provides plenty of ventilation. Hipbelt and shoulder strap padding is outlined with webbing. At the same time, foam in both places is pierced with holes to offer aesthetic character. The ultimate result of this technique is a pack that is very breathable and keeps you cool regardless of the weather. As far as the total weight is concerned. The Atmos from Osprey is still the most acceptable choice, but the Exos isn’t far behind. Which is remarkable considering its low overall weight. 

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Carrying Comfort

This pack is fitted with a long-lasting and dependable suspension in all conditions. As the load weight climbed, the pack got less competent and more uncomfortable, according to the majority of the testers, although it has a substantial metal frame. You’ll hardly notice the difference if you’re just lugging 25-30 pounds since the more significant options are much better. The hip belt and shoulder straps aren’t strong enough for heavier loads.

Fit and Sizing

Exos also has a variety of useful features that make it easier to use. A mesh beavertail pocket on the back of the jacket is the tester’s favorite feature. You will find several uses for the bag, including storing tiny objects, keeping stinking clothing or trash apart from the rest of your possessions, and storing small stuff in general. Even flip-flops and frying pans might benefit from the tool’s unusual design.

Consider the “Stow on the Go” strategy superfluous and pointless implementation. This function was not as helpful as you may have expected due to the lack of a connection on the shoulder strap and a flexible band towards the bottom of the pack. For more than 10 minutes, most testers put their poles on the side of their packs rather than on top of their packages, where they were more secure. You may put protein bars or a small camera in the waist belt pockets, which are of enough size for this kind of clothing.

This pack’s lid was more challenging to use than earlier versions, mainly since navigating was more challenging. The top of the lid has a little pocket, while the interior of the cover has a vast mesh pocket. But, all the testers preferred the mesh pocket since it was easier to see inside. The top lid pocket had a little opening. Apart from the stunning brilliant yellow inside, the top lid’s one benefit was the ease with which misplaced items might be found there.

For a 3/4-length closed cell foam pad, there is a little strap at the bottom of the pack; but it is not long enough for most full-length (6-foot) foam pads. People who prefer early-season hikes or the occasional climbing trip will appreciate the pack’s solitary ice ax loop, which has only helped make it more adaptable.


At just 2.7 pounds, this bundle is almost innocuous compared to other options. No need to go further if your primary goal is weight loss, but you can’t do without the support of a frame. With such a compact package, you sacrifice a little durability. This isn’t a big issue, and it won’t be a problem if the user is mostly traveling on trails and backcountry roads.

osprey exos 58 pack review

The Exos 58’s lightweight frame and simplistic design make it stand out. It also has smaller buckles and compression straps than typical. These buckles were no more difficult to use during testing than traditional-sized clips. Additionally, this model includes a retractable cover that makes it easy to decrease the pack’s weight further.

Build Quality and Durability

Although this pack is not technically adjustable, it is available in three sizes. Most people who are 5′-4″ or less or 6′-4″ or taller will have trouble finding an Exos58 that is right for them. So you are confident to search for one that works for you.


Compared to other packs you’ve looked at, the Exos 58 is one of the more affordable options. It comes down to what a user needs and wants from their bag. Most individuals who are contemplating the Exos 58 will also look at other packs that have been examined. But if you know, you’ll be carrying a little load. This pack is a great alternative and an excellent value for the money, according to the Osprey Exos 58 Review.

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 REI Co-op Flash 55 

Thru-hikers have long favored the Osprey Exos. But the REI Co-op Flash 55 is an advanced, lightweight option worth considering. The REI is significantly lighter at 2 pounds 10 ounces. It is a little more sturdy with a 420D bottom (the body happens to be similar thickness at 100D). It has features of hip-belt pockets and extra padding around the hips and shoulders. As well as hip-belt pockets. Unlike the Exos, the REI’s lid and straps may be detachable and the shoulder strap. And hip-belt compartments (which REI calls their “Packmod” system). These make it much more adaptable and flexible. This decreased cost and improved cushioning have allowed us to add programmable Flash to the product. This has given it a competitive advantage.

Gregory’s Optic 

Compared to the osprey exos 58 review, Gregory’s Optic is quite similar. Both appearance and functionality. Both are comparable in sturdiness and weight, weighing in at about the same at 100D bodies and 210D bottoms (the Gregory weighs 2 lbs. 8.3 oz.).

The Optic is $10 less costly at $210, but the two are identical pricing. But, the Optic has better hip-belt compartments and a well-padded hip belt. That makes it more pleasant to carry over extended distances because of its mesh-heavy back panel.

 At the same time, the Exos offers better ventilation because of its heavier mesh back panel. To sum it up, Optic emerges as the better-rounded of the two competent UL designs on the market right now.

 Granite Gear’s Crown2 60 

A long-time favorite of ours, Granite Gear’s Crown2 60 is one of Exos’ closest competitors. Like each other, both bags have big mesh pockets on the front with detachable lids and lightweight fabrics. The Exos has a suspended mesh back panel that allows it to exceed the Crown2 in terms of breathability. But the Granite Gear pack has hip-belt pockets that are essential for carrying food and other small items that you’ll need to reach quickly. Crown2’s ample hip-belt padding and its ability to be quickly adjusted make it more comfortable. Ultimately, the Crown2 is the best overall design at 4.6 ounces and $20 less than the original crown. Read my North Face Vault Backpack Review

osprey exos 58 review

Organization and Storage

The Mariposa 60 from Gossamer Gear stands out as even lighter than the competitors mentioned above. It could carry significantly more weight than the Exos, which was unable to do so (you can carry up to 35 lbs. without issue). At the same time, the Mariposa’s main compartment is reasonably proportioned with seven external pockets (including hip-belt storage). The bag weighs only 1 pound 14.5 ounces for a medium with a medium hip-belt. The Robic nylon used in the Mariposa’s manufacture makes it very durable (100D & 200D). Because of its lighter weight and more comfortable wearability. If you’re on a tight budget, the Mariposa is a better option than the Osprey, which costs more than $50.

Despite the mesh pockets on the sides and front, the bulk of the pack’s 1,200 cubic inches of storage space is in the main compartment. An impressive quantity of gear and food may be stored inside the 3500 cubic inches of available space. Osprey, a well-known backpack maker, uses industry standards to gauge the volume of their backpacks and only considers storage that is both covered and zipped. Remember that small-scale backpack manufacturers sometimes have open and closed pocket volumes. Thus In My osprey exos 58 review may seem much larger than a pack built by a small-scale backpack maker.

osprey exos 58 review

As a result, the main compartment is curved and sharp inward to match the vented frame design. Because you’ll have to stretch over the curve to get to the things in the compartment, it might be more problematic to find them if you’re carrying the Exo 58. keep the heaviest items close to your back to avoid being dragged backward and thrown off-balance like other vented backpacks. The load lifters on the Exos can be set forward to reduce back-tilt. When the pack is complete, the backward pull is still visible.  If you want to know how to wash your backpack, here’s a helpful article about how to wash your backpack.


The Osprey Exos 58 Review states that a versatile top-loading backpack. The Exos 58 Backpack from Osprey Packs is ideal for a broad range of hiking and backpacking excursions. An aluminum frame and vented suspension provide exceptional handling. It provides comfort for riders up to 30 pounds. You were making it an unlimited option for those who want a more lightweight alternative. The Exos 58 happens to be an excellent option for anyone looking for a large yet lightweight (58L) backpack with a solid frame and top cover. If you’re unsure what size you need, it helps to know that the hip belt length is linked to the pack’s circumference. This is a great guitar if you like the Exos 58. It is an excellent piece of baggage. You don’t need to bother with anything if it doesn’t fit.

As a backpack, this type falls somewhere between the weight and dimensions of a standard pack and an ultra-light backpack. Because it is well-made and includes a frame, it is likely to be comfortable for most individuals on a standard camping trip. If you often carry more than 40 pounds but still want a light pack, heavier options are available. But, for individuals who only need to carry lighter loads.