The North Face Vault Backpack Review

The North Face Vault Backpack Review

Nowadays in the market there are thousands of different types of backpacks available to choose from. In this North Face Vault Backpackreview ,  I try to analyze every aspect of this Backpack. So if you want to buy it, you will get a good idea about this Backpack.

We all try to buy those Backpacks that would work well for everyday use and are also affordable and suitable for camping. Then the North Face Vault backpack might be your most certified bet!

THE NORTH FACE Vault Everyday Laptop Backpack, Mid Grey...
712 Reviews
THE NORTH FACE Vault Everyday Laptop Backpack, Mid Grey...
  • VAULT CLASSIC. The much-loved Vault day pack has a sleek, modern aesthetic, a...
  • FLEX VENT TECHNOLOGY. The FlexVent suspension system features a flexible yoke...
  • TOTAL ORGANIZATION. A front compartment simplifies organization while...
  • COMFORTABLE CARRY. A huge main compartment holds all your books for a day at...

What makes it so great? 

Its sleek design means it goes with any outfit. Also, its spacious interior has plenty of room for all kinds of items, including laptops. Whether you need something to carry around workout gear or books, this bag will do a great job at keeping everything together!

While when you want the most reliable Backpack for you, a few points need to consider. When someone is backpacking or going for an outing with your friends and family on hillsides or mountainside trails. Wearing comfortable shoes is essential. As necessary is choosing the right comfort bag.

If comfort matters most, then go ahead choose The North Face Vault Backpack, which offers great storage space with easy access without being too bulky or heavy on your shoulders when carrying around all day long.

north face vault backpack review

What Is Vault Backpack?

The North Face’s Vault backpack will make you look like a superhero when commuting to work or school. This durable and stylish pack has a built-in padded laptop sleeve. So you don’t have to fuss with carrying around an extra case anymore—unzip, slide out your device, and go!

With plenty of pockets inside. so you’ll be able to keep everything organized throughout the day too.

And if it gets dirty? No big deal. 

Just wash it with some cold water before tossing back into the locker.

The North Face Vault Backpack makes traveling easier with how lightweight yet durable it is! You’ll love carrying your tech essentials wherever life takes you in style. All while keeping them safe from wear & tear thanks to TPU-coated pack cloth body fabric. It is built tough enough for whatever adventure may come next!

You’ll love carrying your tech essentials wherever life takes you in style. All while keeping them safe from wear & tear thanks to TPU-coated pack cloth body fabric. It is built tough enough for whatever adventure may come next!

The North Face Vault Bag is one of the most versatile and flexible backpacks available in the market. You will use it for a wide range of different needs and any situation so that you won’t regret your buy!

Here are some details reviews that will show you that the North Face vault backpack is one of the safest bets:

  • This Backpack is made of 600D polyester, which is both strong and weather resistant.
  • It has two mesh side pockets. To store your bottles while on the go!
  • The padded top is a great way to make this bag easier on your hands.
  • Comfortable Flex-vent suspension. That makes it easy to wear while giving the wearer long-lasting comfort.
  • It has a padded back that keeps you chill while very stylish.
  • It has a molded compression straps, and it is super easy to get on.
  • This Backpack is a comfortable weight 1.59 lbs and can carry 28 liters of your load!
  • The spine design makes carrying it more accessible and less strenuous on the back.

The North Face Vault Backpack is known for being one of the best backpacks from its company. It has a lifetime guarantee and an excellent combination of features. That delivers it worth every money you pay on it.

Additionally, The North Face backpacks sell at a higher price. Than most other brands in their line.

But they are still well worth your money since few companies offer this brand when selling products to customers like you who trust them with high-quality items.

Full North face vault backpack Review?

Here I will try to give you details north face vault backpack review why you should buy this Backpack.

Extremely Comfortable

The North Face backpacks are made with the FlexVent suspension method. Which helps users stay comfortable navigating their daily lives.

The same type of harness that was seen on other backpacks. But when you were using Vault, you didn’t feel any harness.

Don’t worry if you get a little sweaty when wearing the Vault because it keeps odors. The FlexVent suspension system is excellent.

And your back won’t be sore from carrying heavy loads in this pack. As for comfort, look at how many chiropractic associations have endorsed this Backpack!

For a day on campus, a robust backpack holds all your books. It has a padded laptop sleeve to preserve the laptop from shocks and falls.

Two top handles for easy grabbing. and even includes an adjustable sternum strap. That provides extra support while you’re holding it up with one hand or wearing it across both shoulders.

The North Face is a brand that produces backpacks only for women as well. Women need specific features in their gear than what the average guy would want or need for his adventures out there, so it’s no surprise then why this company produces such an incredible array of vests and packs designed just with ladies’ necessities!The North Face Women’s Vault Backpack is perfect for any adventure. It has a durable, water-resistant fabric and back protector, keeping your belongings safe while out exploring in wet conditions or just taking on day trips anywhere you want!

Massive shoulder straps

Some people swear by the sternum strap, and others don’t care for it. Whether you’ll get the most out of wearing a backpack with this feature depends on your preference.

But generally speaking, its benefits can be significant when used correctly.

The sternum strap can help keep your molded shoulder straps in place when you hike with a backpack. And distribute weight evenly along your back if it is appropriately adjusted.

north face vault backpack review

This will make carrying heavy weights more bearable since they won’t focus on one area of your body.

The sternum strap on the Vault doubles as an emergency whistle. If you lot when camping If you become isolated from your company.

Take the whistle and blast it to understand you are missing and where to search for you.

Side Stretch Pockets

The presence of side pockets makes this bag perfect for hikes. But you could use them when going out too! It’s important not only because they are stretchy and fit water bottles. Even an umbrella would fit in there pretty well!

This isn’t a camping backpack pack, but you bring it to the hills if you want to go camping. You can even use this to hold your water bottle so that you won’t have to carry anything else!

600D Nylon

The 600D Nylon was ensuring that it would remain to look new despite years of use. The materials are pleasant to touch and better than those offered by some similar models.

The 600D Nylon backpack is sturdy yet soft. Ideal for anyone who avoids taking around a rough or uncomfortable pack! Plus, the durable water-repellent finish protects against any accidents if you’re caught in an unexpected rainstorm on your way home from work or school.


When it comes to more excellent, the north face vault backpack has a lot to offer. As a customer, you will feel fortunate because there are lots of various colors available! You can create your perfect aesthetic with a variety of options.

Front pockets 

This Backpack has a spacious compartment for any items you need on the go and even fits in an extra book or jacket, with all these compartments. You can arrange everything to make studying easier!

For school students, its packs are essential for the organization. Suppose you put your pens in the same pocket as books. It would get jumbled around and difficult to work with at times.

That’s why this pack separates both into separate sleeves. So they’re always ready when needed.

The Main Compartment

A crucial part of the Vault backpack is its main compartment. It’s top-loading which makes it great for school. You can easily access your item while you are traveling.

The pack itself has a laptop sleeve. That can fit your 15.6″ laptop with space left over for other items you need throughout the day.

the north face women's vault backpack

The bag’s primary drawback is that there are no extra pockets inside the main pocket. But, when you consider how much functionality and convenience. It offers through opening up completely flat for easy organization of items.


This Backpack is an excellent option for keeping your item organized and secure. The front compartment has many zippered pockets.

Ideal for putting any items you may want simple access to during the day. There are also two water bottle pockets along the sides of this pack.

That makes it convenient when you need another way to stay hydrated on hot days or while hiking in an area with limited resources available.

Also, there’s a daisy chain across one side where users can attach extra gear. If they choose, such as sleeping pads or tripods, depending on what activity they’re doing at that time!

Reflective aspect construction

The reflective aspect of the Backpack is beneficial. It allows you to stay visible at night and prevents accidents as it contains a bike-light loop.

That can be used for attaching your light source, such as a helmet lamp or headlamp if needed during dark hours.

The water bottle tab and shoulder strap tabs are also labeled with reflective material. So people will still notice you if they come across one another. at the same time, traveling on foot, even after sunset.

The laptop sleeve

With a 15.6 inches laptop sleeve, this bag will protect your device from any bumps or falls it may encounter. You can carry the sleek and spacious Backpack around all day long. With no worries about security because of its unique design.

Top handle

If you’re not like shoulder bags and prefer to use the top handle. This makes it easier if your bag needs to go from one place to another without having both hands available.

Mesh Back panel

The comfortable air mesh back panel and flexible injection-molded straps ensure that you won’t feel any strain on your back—the FlexVent suspension system, which features a custom yoke built from flexible shoulder pads. With breathable padding back panel in an easily adjustable air mesh ventilation channel—it guarantees to keep you cool while carrying.


The dimensions of this Backpack are 19.5 inches by 12.75 inches by 9.5 inches long. They are making it shorter than the typical men’s bag. While still providing enough space to fit all your items safely and securely. For traveling purposes only!

The backpacks also have an adjustable centerpiece, which allows you to carry it on without having any trouble with discomfort or anxiety about getting tired. Due to its weight distribution method that is different from other bags out there today!


The North Face Vault backpack has many of the features you would find on other bags. It comes with a front compartment and a secondary compartment. It has padded, molded shoulder straps.

FlexVent suspension system for added comfort during heavy use. a large main compartment includes an extra padding slot for your laptop or tablet device. As well as two mesh water bottles pockets located on both sides of the bag.

The strap also contains chest belts to make sure it stays in place at all times when lifting weights while wearing this pack.

How North face vault backpack compares to similar models?

North Face was selling different kinds of models that target various users. North Face Jester and North Face Router are both comparable models. But in our reviews, we found the Jester is most suitable for university students or school students .

 At the same time, the Router would be better suited to adults who need a more professional look. Each of these backpacks has a floating padded laptop pocket. But Vault Backpack is lighter and less expensive than its counterparts.

Suppose you want a stylish backpack with an external storage option. The North Face Jester is recommended over The North Face Vault or North Face Router

But If you fancy a manageable, super-light backpack and don’t require the front bungee cord. Then I recommend North Face Vault.

Jester is more stylish with its varied colors and designs. But if that matters less to you than features, I would go with Vault.

The design of all those bags is sleek and straightforward, with a clean exterior. To make it easy for anyone wearing either bag to find what they need while on the go.

The pockets in each Backpack provide ample space without sacrificing style. there’s even an external bungee cord pocket included, which can be used as extra storage or compression depending upon your needs at any given time. (this especially comes in handy when traveling). 

Each Backpack also contains YKK zippers that won’t break under stress. This will help ensure all items inside stay protected throughout their journey.

The North Face Women’s Vault Backpack

THE NORTH FACE Vault 21.5L Backpack - Women's Dramatic...
100 Reviews
THE NORTH FACE Vault 21.5L Backpack - Women's Dramatic...
  • Responsible Collection: Recycled/Repurposed
  • Material: 600D fabric (50% recycled polyester), DWR finish
  • Volume: 21.5L (1312cu in)
  • Shoulder Straps: FlexVent suspension system

The north face women’s vault backpack is a minimalist and stylish ladies bag. That will compliment your professional look whether you’re going to school or work.

Women’s backpacks like this differ from men’s. Because they account for the difference in both genders’ physiques; however, women have an extra feature – pockets!

The North Face Vault is the perfect backpack for Women who want to carry their belongings quickly and in a compact size. It has an adjustable back piece that perfectly fits your torso length, making it easy to adjust depending on how tall you are.

The north face women’s vault backpack is a pleasure to carry due to its FlexVent suspension system and padded shoulder straps. It has numerous features like multiple compartments for storing essential items such as electronics or books; it also includes water bottle pockets on either side.

What Makes The North Face Backpacks Popular?

For over 50 years, The North Face has been recognized for its quality products. With quality materials and user-friendly design proven by time.  

It’s difficult not to be excited with those backpacks! It doesn’t stop there, though. one of my favorite things about this company is that they cater to outdoor enthusiasts in marketing strategies and product designs, which further increases their market impact.

Is the north face vault backpack waterproof?

The North Face Vault Backpack is made from high-quality 600D Polyester materials. Ensuring that your items stay safe and protected no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Is the North face vault backpack a good buy?

In my North Face Vault backpack review i found many of the features you would not find on other backpacks.

It comes with one primary compartment and one secondary compartment, padded molded shoulder straps. Flex Vent suspension system for added comfort during heavy use. a large main compartment includes an extra padding slot for your laptop or tablet device. As well as two mesh water bottle pockets located on both sides of the bag. The strap also contains chest belts to make sure it stays in place at all times. 

The North Face offers a variety of women-specific backpacks, including the vault.

The North Face vault backpack know for quality products and long-lasting life. North face vault backpack review are extraordinary. 

So Buyers Reviewed shows that all over the world are delighted with this product.

Negatives of these Backpacks

If you’re a gear head, The North Face is the way to go. Their bags are incredibly durable and have great warranty options if anything happens with your bag during active use or even years later! However, their price point might be off-putting for some people who prefer more affordable packs on average. 

It received excellent Reviewed all of its customers. You will find the minimal dissatisfied customer. If you go with Amazon or Walmart Review, 95% of buyers give 5-star ratings. Not only vault. But their other products as well, so when I am doing a north face vault backpack review. I try not to find some customer who is very dissatisfied with this product. But I can’t find many. Mostly give bad reviewed for shipping issues.

north face vault backpack review

Would you believe me if I told you there is a backpack that only builds for camping? But trust us when we say this excellent product exists. The Osprey Exos 48 and Osprey Farpoint 40 will change the way people think about backpacks!The Osprey Exos is the best backpack for camping. It has all the features you need to take care of yourself on your outdoor adventure, including an innovative suspension system that distributes weight more evenly across multiple points. Hence, activities like hiking and rock climbing are more accessible than ever before!


So in our north face vault backpack review, I found that it is great for everyday backpack. It has two compartments, one of which can fit your laptop, and the other holds folders or notebooks. 

There’s also an organization panel with sleeves to hold. things like phones and tablets as well as extra pockets on the outside so you won’t lose anything.” Let’s be clear – The Vault outdoes most backpacks in terms of quality. And it doesn’t have many downsides anyway!