How to Set Up a Hammock Without Trees

Have you ever wished for a hammock but lacked the trees to hang it? Or maybe you have trees but don’t know how to set up your hammock. No worries! You will have your spot of relaxation in no time! This ultimate guide on setting up a hammock without trees will teach you everything to know about how to do so.

You might be wondering why this post is titled “How to Set Up a Hammock Without Trees” when the author could have written about how to set up a hammock with trees. Some people live in apartments or condos with no ropes on their walls or fences. So this article will show you how to make your hammock without anything supporting it!

How to Set Up a Hammock Without Trees

How to Set Up a Hammock Without Trees

It will be easier to get your hammock up off the ground if you can get it into place. Ideally, you should hang it from the side walls or balcony. This will ensure that the hammock is suspended in the air and not touching anything solid. If living situations don’t allow for this, there are other ways to hang your hammock without trees.

The first way is by hanging it on some beams or rafters in your house. It will depend on how high up they are and what type of beam they are. You’ll need to measure these things before getting started, so you know what kind of rope to buy! Otherwise, you could end up with too short cords or too long ones.

One good option is to use old pieces of wood lying around your house or find a couple of sturdy sticks instead. The second option is to hang the hammock on poles either sunken into the ground or set out in the yard. It will require more work because you’ll have to dig holes for the poles and then fill them back in when you’re done.

The last option is to hang your hammock between two trees! It can be difficult if there’s a lot of foliage in between.

Making Sure the Hammock Will Stay Up

When you are looking for a way to hang your hammock without trees, the most important thing is to make sure that it will stay up. There are a few options for doing this, and we’ve included them all in this post.

Option 1:

You can purchase a hammock stand, which you can find at any sporting goods store. This option is perfect for those who live in a condo or apartment where they cannot hang anything from the walls or fences. You will need to purchase two long metal pipes that will go between the hammock stand on either side of the hammock and then use rope on both ends to tie them securely together on the hammock stand.

Option 2:

Guess what! You have a choice of options even if you have trees on your property but are not suitable to hang up hammocks, purchase some hooks and some rope, drill holes in your walls, and fix the hooks facing each other at the same height. Then tie the ropes with hooks and secure the hammock; wrap one end of the rope around one of these hooks and loop it through to secure it. It creates an X-shape with your rope on top of each hook.

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How to Locate a Spot for Your Hammock

Since this is a hammock without trees, you will need to find a place to set it on. In addition to trees, hammocks can be hung from poles, posts, railings, beams, and more.

So the first step is deciding where you want your hammock. You might like it in a sunny spot outside or on the porch. Once you have found a good place for your hammock, measure out enough space for it by standing where you would be sitting in the hammock and stretching out both of your arms to either side. It will give you an idea of the space you’ll need.

Once you have decided on a location for your hammock, measure out how far apart the ropes should be from each other so that the ends of the hammock are as close as possible with no slack in between them. If they are too far apart, there will be slack, which means that you won’t have any support when sitting inside your new hammock!

What You’ll Need

In addition to a hammock, you’re going to need two sturdy poles of around the same height. To hang the hammock on these poles, you’ll need a rope or a thick string. You can choose a length anywhere from ten to thirty feet long.

Next, you’ll need some clamps that will wrap around the poles and keep them in place. 

Make sure whichever clamp you decide for has an open design so they don't block the hammock from being appropriately hung.

Make sure whichever clamp you decide for has an open design so they don’t block the hammock from being appropriately hung.

Hanging the Hammock

The first step in setting up your hammock is to hang it.

Find the center of the hammock, and take one of the ends overhead. Then take one of the other ends under your arm so you can hold both handles. With two hands, grab onto the rope at the same time. Take it over your head and then under your arms to hold onto both ends. The cord should be coming out of both of your armpits. Now, pull upward on both ends until the hammock is hanging in a diagonal position, then tie a knot at each end to keep it tight against the tree.

If no trees are available for knotting, use something else that supports its weight instead!

The Basics of Setting Up a Hammock 

The basics of setting up a hammock:

  1. Trees suitable for hanging up hammocks.
  2. Ropes for tying up hammocks.
  3. Hammock.


  1. Poles for hanging up hammocks instead of trees.
  2. Sturdy ropes for tying up the hammocks.
  3. Clamps for hooking up the cords.
  4. Hammock.


  1. Ropes for hanging up hammocks.
  2. Hammocks
  3. Clamps to hang it from the walls.
  4. Drill to dip a hole inside the wall.

I am setting up a hammock without trees. 

If you don’t have any trees but still want to enjoy the feeling of swinging in a hammock-like Tarzan, don’t worry! You can make your hammock without trees by using two posts.

The Basics of Setting up a Hammock 

You will need some rope or string, a taut line, and something to tie the tight line. You’ll also need two trees with no more than 12 feet of distance between them.

Begin by tying one end of the string to the taut line. The taut-line should be about 3 feet long. You can then connect the opposite end of the column to your tree farthest away from you. Tie it tightly so that it doesn’t slip off easily. Take the other end of your string and wrap it around your second tree, again making sure it’s tight enough not to slip off easily. Now tie the other end of the column to your first tree, which you set up in step 2. Take care not to make this knot too loose, or else your hammock will fall! That’s all there is to it! Now you can relax in your hammock without any trees necessary! 


We hope you found this article on how to set up a hammock without trees to be helpful.