Double layer Hammock -The best trek light double hammock

Vivere Double Layer Hammock this product i recently bought from amazon. It arrived in just a couple of days, and it was unpacked and set up in the living room. No directions or tools were needed. I can quickly assemble or disassemble it in about couple minutes.

Enough about construction; let’s talk about comfort. The first photo shows the double layer hammock set in its second-highest position. The steel hooks will attach in six different places on both sides, making this hammock adjustable in any way you might fancy. You can lower or raise either side of the hammock depending on your desire, and again this requires no tools and only takes a few moments.

I fell in love with this vivere double layer hammock. The first time got in it. I can lay comfortably on my back or side and can adjust it to sit almost upright. The cotton material is soft and adds to the relaxing effects of just lying back and “taking it easy.” I’ll have to admit a certain amount of skepticism while deciding to invest in vivere double hammock product, but after the first day, any doubts were gone entirely.

If you’ve ever bought or used a tent for camping, then you’ll understand the maddening frustration of attempting to repack the tent and fit it back inside the bag that it originally came in. This is another reason I love this double hammock and stand; they both EASILY fit back into the provided carrying case.

So there is no struggle to try to pack it a certain way or stuff it in a garbage bag to “figure out later.” I just lay the tubing sections into the bag, throw in the hammock, and zip it up. Coming from someone who’s been tent camping every year for most of my life, it baffles me how easily this hammock packs up for storage.

About 2years ago, i spent almost $500 on a new tent, and aside from that, this trek light double hammock has already shown itself to be our best camping investment. We’ve both spent a few evenings over the past couple of weeks with the hammock in our spare bedroom or backyard. I have insomnia and almost fell asleep in it last weekend.

I would give this hammock a “two thumbs up” and recommend it to anyone without hesitation or reservation. This is an incredibly comfortable and quality hammock that I’m confident will last us for many years.

Vivere Double Hammock Features

  •  Double hammock accommodate up to two adults
  • 450-Pound maximum capacity
  • The hammock is 100% breathable cotton
  • Vegetable-dyed cotton will last for years and be easy to clean (hand washed in cold water – no soaking!)
  • The 9-Foot stand is made of heavy-duty steel and easily assembles without the use of tools.
  • Included is a carrying case.
  • The bed measures 63 x 94 inches and has a total length of 130 inches.
double layer hammock
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